NOAA Marine Charts for USA Waters

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  • High-resolution (400 dpi) NOAA Marine charts.
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  • Store up to 750 charts at a time on your mobile device. Use on the water anytime.
  • Choose from 2124 NOAA charts covering the United States waters.
  • Choose any or all available scales.
  • Many flexible ways to find the desired Raster Nautical Charts. For iPhone/iPod touch. For iPad.

         NOAA Nautical Charts: Safety While You Sail!
            Coverage at Multiple Scales
Overview of Massachusetts Bay at 1:378838 scale.

Great detail in Boston Harbor at 1:10000 scale.

There are also charts for this area with in-between scales of 1:80000, 1:40000 and 1:25000.
Downloaded charts switch automatically as you sail.
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